Friday, September 28, 2007

JBH'S Random Weekend Mix

I had great enjoyment in doing this mix,coming in at just under 55mins its nice and "kompakt" showcasing the freshest House and Techno highlights are all of the tracks if you ask me otherwise i wouldn't put them on :-) Enjoy.

1 Sascha Funke - "The Acrobat" -(Efdemin Remix) - [Bpitch Control]
2 Sian - "Apple Tree" - (Original Mix) -[Aus]
3 Touane - "Chamber" - [Liebe Detail]
4 Swayzak - "Smile & Receive" -(Original Mix) - [K2]
5 Lucy - "Glass Computer" - (Masaya Dub) -[Perspectiv]
6 Efdemin - "Acid Bells" - (Matt O' Brien Remix) -[M├ętisse]
7 Sven Tasnadi - "On My Way" - [Cargo Edition]
8 Philip Sherburne - "Lumber Jacking" - (Original Mix) - [Lans Music]
9 Gaiser - "Withdrawal" - (JBH'S keys only edit) -[M_nus]
10 Caribou - "Melody day" - (Fourtet Remix) -[City Slang]


1 comment:

Scott said...

Lovely mix there! Quality track selection although I'm feeling the Excercise One mix of Philip Sherborne slightly more than the original, it's got that extra crunch to it!*!