Friday, September 14, 2007


Leaving the dark club vibes behind us now for a minute and hitting you with some fresh & fast - paced moving percussion courtsey of (Dirty bird) Justin Martin his latest track and may i add one of his best to date "Nightowl" is very percussive & just keeps giving such a pleasure to play a really great track. (il let you hear it for yourself and let the music do the talking) (Manno & Francois) churn out a remix which will be big right across the board from [Defected] house heads to the deeper house heads on [Innervisions] Its a nice piece of deep / summery house, but its the original (which we have here) will be the biggest hit & will be slaying dancefloors for months to come "Nightowl" is available now on promo on the ever consistant Buzzin Fly label.

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Scott said...

Damn this track is ace!*! Off to track down a vinyl copy now!*! Cheers for the recommendation!!*