Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pan - O - Rama

Pan-O-Rama, Pan-Pot's New album is out on promo through [Mobilee] and will be available to buy in october. Its a piece of aural delight. Dark minimal tracks which will have late night floors in pieces, long tracks which drag on far into the night with no sign of letting the daylight in.

Its a dark first artist album from the now duo, due to Marco Resmann aka Phage upping sticks and leaving to concentrate on solo projects and a new label Upon.You. Although he is still present on "Charly" The album as a whole is essential. "Charly" the lead track & first single which is available now.
Goes off about taking Cocaine & the effects it does to your mind in that subdued droaning kind of way with a pitched down vocal, already causing a stir on the floor. Lets face it everyone likes to hear eerie pitched down vocals when there in there place of worship on a friday and saturday night this being one of the better ones, which is doing the rounds at the moment.

Other highlights are "Crank" Late night atmospherics with a deep key riff which will weave its way into your mind for the rest of the night. And long into the week ahead.

"Apocalyptic Horsemen" Has been stripped down to its bare bones and restitched again giving a deep spacey vibe to the track in that eerie way only Pan -Pot can give.

"Faces Ft Vincenzo" is one of the lightest tracks on the album as if everything is coming to an end and the night is over & theres just enough time for one more before the light rudely and so un -welcome beams through the windows in the club bringing you crashing back down to Reality.

"Dogs Dinner" is a slow groover with so much style. HELL! all of them are worth a listen i like them all. Go out and check the album its worth every penny.

Download Pan pot - "Crank" - [Mobilee/ Cdr]

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andreas said...

Crank is a great track!, btw be sure to check out the new samim album aswell, it's top notch!