Monday, September 10, 2007

JBH'S Wonky House Mix Sept 07

Audio soul project - "Community" - (Peace Division Remix)
Anna - "Schwarzez Gold"
Gerbruder Ton - "Denk An Mich"
Snax - "Honeymoons Over" - (Konrad Black Remix)
Motorcitysoul - "Kazan" (Exit Cube)
Lucio Aquilina - "Magic M"
Raudive - "Here" - (Original mix)
Andre Crom - "Bodenturnen Dub"
Wink - "Dont Laugh" - (Raw mix)
Marc Ashken - "Nimrod" - (Marc Houles A Nimrod mix)
Marc Romboy Vs Chelonis R Jones - "Helen Cornell" - (Steffan Goldmann Micro Mix)
Jona - "Blizzard"
Phonique - "Closer Groove"
Oliver Koletzki - "Dont Forget to go Home"
Adam Beyer - "China Girl"
Alex Under - "Trapezines Erectos"
David K - "Incoming" - (Motorcitysoul Remix)
Juergan Paape -"Nord West"
Ive done a mix full of wonky tech house its not perfect but i like it i hope you will aswell,now i have sorted recording mixes out il proberly be posting more everything from techno to deep house to minimal dubstep and more.

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Anonymous said...

hello mate, it is possible to read at work after all.

Liked the mix, some interesting tracks in there, esp. one coming in at 27 minutes