Monday, September 17, 2007

Cooling off

Im Going to cool down on the mp3's and posting for a while until the heat dies down i find if we have a cooling off period its doesn't seem so bad.

The mixes will still be present got a nice one this week new music from Stefan Goldmann, Stephan laubner, Chloe, Jamie Jones, Jaxson, Hugo, Format :B, Pan Pot, Marc Houle, Petre Insperiscu, Manuel Tur & more also new remixes from Loco Dice who's remixing Kevin Saunderson ,Villalobos who's remixing Chica and the Folder and whatever else i put in.

Back soon.


Scott said...

It's all getting a bit much at the moment!! Looking forward to the new mixes, I've got some lined up before too long or when I get my arse in gear! That Loco Dice mix of Kevin Saunderson is excellent! Also, if you haven't already check out The Wombat on Rebelone, it's the shit!!!

JBH said...

Yeah it's all getting past that point of no return regarding mp3 postings now i see why you did what you had to do it will proberly happen here eventually when i recieve comments like the one below it really makes me think about the whole thing. Cheers for the tip rebelone can do no wrong! in my book il get onto that now.