Saturday, September 01, 2007

Until Next Time

Im off on my travels again on monday im going to stay in Holland until further notice then eventually move onto Germany then maybe Switzerland so posting will be here & there, basicly when i get time.

Skypher will be keeping you entertained. In the meantime check out these wonderfull tracks from Tracey Thorn & the glorious remixes from Ada im not sure when these will be released, proberly soon she's trying to convince the big wigs at EMI for a commercial release if not they might never get released which would be criminal.

The remix package is a large one its everything from Ada to Dirty South to King Unique each giving a vocal & a dub mix. So there will be something for everyone, the Ada remixes are the best i think. Keep an eye out for the release when they eventually pull there finger out and realise how big these remixes are. Even if it only gets a digital download it would be a start.

I wouldnt normally post two tracks from the same Ep but these both need to be heard!

Enjoy :-)
Tracey Thorn - "Grand Canyon" - (AdaVocal Mix) -[N/A]


Scott said...

Hey, have a boss time, planning visits to any clubs out there?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully mate theres quite alot going on with cocoon and a few decent deep house nights