Monday, September 24, 2007

Orange Mistake

I have been meaning to post this Orange Mistake for a while now.

With a new & great looking compilation from Luciano coming up this seem's as good a time as any, its so good deep bubbly and laced in funk a proper funk excursion it tears the dance floor up like a aftershock would after a earthquake causing mass devestation to everything in its path.
If your clever you could use it as a weapon on the floor as not many dj's will be playing it. A excellent track one of the best ive heard from Luciano if your a keen follower of the Cadenza sound you need this in your collection.
It may have passed some of you by as it came out in 03 dont let that put you off as it sounds just as fresh if not more today than it did back then check out the new compilation when it hits stores.


RAW said...

Orange Mistake is a classic :-)

Have you heard 'Third Knife' by the Youngsters? Out this summer and is basically a reworking with a bit more of a dancefloor focus - not as good as the original though

JBH said...

Not heard it i will have a look out for it cheers. Btw like your blog.

RAW said...

cool - cheers

I really should get round to posting more frequently though

do you guys ever sleep? quality tunes being posted nearly every day! :-)

JBH said...

Haha we post in our sleep it was hard at first but we came through it ;-)