Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New and fresh

How I love the sound of fresh music from our inbox!

Mojib - Break of dawn [NXR, 2007] (buy)
Gothenburg up-and-commer Mojib (myspace) is releasing his debut on the Canadian label NXR (which I've never heard of to be honest). The press sheet mentions Unkle, Boom bip, Dj shadow, Four tet and RJD2 - and I'm bound to agree, there's similarities in the sound. Break of Dawn is a catchy piece of break fest with haunting strings that is extremely difficult to not like. Look out for Mojib fellas!

Ken Hayakawa - Trickles In The Morning Sun [Ickemicke, 2007]
Starting out really mellow and soft but a track like this needs to build a bit and take its time. It soon develops into a nice little housy and atmospheric gem that should fit perfectly in your ipod while taking a stroll in the early autumn. The info we've received mentions possible upcoming remixes from Peter Grummich and Autorepeat.. wow. We'll see, in the mean time I'm enjoying this as is - great. Check Ken's myspace.

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