Monday, September 17, 2007

Lunatic Fringe / The Bribe EP.

Stefan Goldmann's New label Macro is only it to its second release and is already a strong label to be reckoned with the first two releases Aurora / Beluga were Excellent but this excells itself.

He wants his label Macro to release only a few records a year and wants them to stand out from the rest of the badly produced "Pc Music" as he call it.

Its safe to say that Lunatic Fringe EP' fall's into the "Stand out" something differen't catagory. Lunatic Fringe takes in a School CHOIR yes you heard it right he drafts in a Choir for the track, which is already backed by the big guns you know the Villalobos's Luciano's and Hawtin's of the scene, and all the rest.

Its not a novelty track either it works so damn well, the "Bribe" comes in alot deeper with one of the riff's of the summer some people are saying its THE RIFF, its his trade mark sound think his first release Aurora / Beluga especially Beluga deep groovy hypnotic keys so catchy its insane.

For some reason when i play the Bribe and Beluga i picture a old house with a big clock in the hall way its late at night and the atmosphere is tense.

This will work on deeper floors aswell as more minimal orientated floors this ones backed by the cream of the crop aswell i can not STRESS how ESSENTIAL both tracks are, i guarantee you will NOT be dissapointed.
Goldmann is a force to be reckoned with not many producers will get close to his consistantly superb standard.
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Absolute Soundsystem said...

hi .. just a quick not e.. u might wanna try using "speedy share" instead of zshare .. u can upload and download much quicker.. keep up the good work ;)

Chris @ Macro Recordings said...

you might wanna just not give away other people's music for free? 202 downloads just one week after it is released! does any of you guys have an idea what that means for the label and artist?

whoever put this up: please delete ASAP! we have massive problems with piracy on this release and might have trouble recouping the money invested in bringing this music to you.

chris @ macro said...

thank you!