Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Halloween pt2

Halloween hiphop from 1999, off an album I enjoyed immensely when it was released; As the world burns.

Arsonists - Halloween [Matador, 1999] (d/l)

Random Halloween

So its Halloween once again the streets will be littered with kids in home made costumes and others armed to the teeth with eggs and flour.Whilst all this is going on i will be doing a ghost walk with the paranormal society. Then off for a cheeky pint or three! Should be good see what happens if anything!? Its getting to that stage that Halloween is becoming like Christmas! Mainly due to the fact that we followed the Americans which brings us where we are today.Basicly its just another gimmick a selling opportunity, call me morbid but its just the way it is. Anyway on with the tunes in typical RC style no cheese or commercial tunes for your Halloween. Have a good time whatever you do.

Digital Mystikz - 'Haunted' - [Dmz]

The Horrorist - 'One Night in NYC' - (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ricardo Villalobos - 'Violetta' - [N/A]

I know very little about this track apart from the fact that its by Ricardo Villalobos and its really good.Typical villalobos style quality drum track only this time he uses vocals & sublime vocals at the sort that send a shiver down your spine maybe Chilean? its a really nice little track. A few Dj's (Radio Slave) (Steve lawler) have charted this CDR recently so it might be coming out tbh i have no idea as i say i know very little about it.Its a really lovely track which you could quite easily end your set with.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Brendon Moeller Mixing it up

DJ MIX Oct. 2007

Outstanding fresh forward thinking house mix DONT SLEEP ON IT!

1. Deepchord Presents Echospace - Abraxas (Modern Love)
2. G-man - Quo Vadis _ We Went Out Mix (Styrax Leaves)
3. Jichael Mackson - The Grass is Always Greener (Musique Risquee)
4. Reverberation _ Substance & Vainqueur (Scion Versions)
5. Syncom Data - Beyond The Stars_ Speedy J Remix (SD records)
6. Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts - Tagarnak (Musique Risquee)
7. Sleeparchive - Hospital 06 (Sleeparchive)
8. Out Hud - Put It Away, Put It Away, Put It Away Dad (K7)
9. Femi Kuti - Traitors of Africa Q s treachrous beats (Restricted Access)
10. Ras Marcus - Dialogue from Rastafari Elders (Ras Records)
11. Beat Pharmacy - Mental Universe (Deep Space Media)
12. Evan Tuell - Tube Dive (Musik Krause)
13. Frank Zappa reads from Naked Lunch
14. M83 - Waves Waves Waves (Digital Shades)
15. Rod Modell - Grand Bend (Deep Chord)16. John Cleese On Philosophy

So futureshock

Time for an electroshock to the brain. I'm out of town tomorrow.

Exzakt - Futureshock [Exceleration, 2007] (d/l)
Larry McCormick aka Exzakt treats us on a pulsating bass experience. Title track of the EP.

Latest EP from german little computer man of big robot sounds. Rother vibes written all over it of course.

Zig Zag

Yellow Sox - Zig Zag -(Roland Appel Remix) -[Freerange Records]

Big track alert! This was massive over the weekend.

Cool programmed drumming & Detroit synths start the track.It then slowly builds with plenty of style and charisma. In comes some misty air raid sirens as the track starts to progress.Man of the moment Roland Appel is behind this fantastic remix. The track just keeps giving, getting more and more deeper as it whooshes and whirs around your head. Its a real dance floor bomb! Expect everyone from Jeff Mills to Sven Vath to be dropping this little beauty in the coming months.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Guitar hero

Been listening to so much new music the last couple of days that my brain's gone all bonkers. Everything from straight up pop music to electronic post-rock, classic techno, jazzy experimentalism and indie hiphop. Deerhunter, Run_return, Lights out Asia, Dj Hell, Broken Social Scene, Tarentel, Stars, Atmosphere, Radiohead, Multiplex, Kettel, Vector lovers, Venetian snares, Last days, Jens Lekman, Kaman Leung, Justus Köncke, Landau, Exzakt, Dcast dynamics - they've all gotten plenty of play time. Quite varied genres these artists' music reside in. This post is all about the pop though. Perfect stuff for a rainy autumn sunday & monday.

Deerhunter - Hazel St. [Kranky, 2007] (d/l)
Dreamy, sad and awkward pop tracks are what Deerhunter presents on their Cryptograms' latter half. The first half of the album is more to the weird rock side of things, equally good. Hazel St and Heatherwood are my two favorites.

Stars - The night starts here [Arts & crafts, 2007] (d/l)
It's not easy delivering an album when expectations are sky high. The Stars manages it with finesse! Yes, it is basically more of the same as Set yourself on fire. Maybe. Not quite perhaps. It's more of the same but from another angle, um? Anyhow that's not something that matters much, In our bedroom after the war is a buffet of catchy pop songs, majestic orchestrated arrangements, fragile duets, violin+piano overload, aching melancholic lyrics and smashing guitar riffs. And as is often the case with Stars' albums, it is impossible to pick any one hit/stand out song. There's simply too many great tunes to choose from.

Jens, oh Jens. I haven't given this man enough credit. As a indie star from my own city I should've paid more attention to him. However the hype ruined it for me, I get like that sometimes. Refusing to give an artist a chance, just cause they're getting hyped up. This is from Lekman's second album "Nigh falls over Kortedala" (love the title).

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend GBG

Not much to brag about when it comes to artist bookings in Gothenburg this weekend. Friday: We got space disco maestro Ultracity playing at Styrbord Babord. DJ Dimitrios K and the iDealist spinning techno at Hatet@Uppåt. Saturday: Kraft with Tim Xavier live. Luke Eargoggle and Technicolor djs at Midnigh express. Idjut boys at Styrbord Babord. Could be worse, and can always be better.

So to get everyone in the mood for a hopefully awesome weekend. A pure BANGER, still 100% functioning ten years later. Huge.


Very excited about this weekend as Leeds is seeing the debut of Petre inspirescu (Cadenza) & Rhadoo(A:rpia:r)This will be great, also one half of the house duo Peace Division & DC10 Resident (Clive Henry) will be present bringing the summer Circo Loco vibes filtering through onto the dance floor expect a full on party as lots of people are celebrating the last party of the summer a sort of reunion. If that wasn't enough upstairs Toby Tobias(Rekids) will be keeping the decks warm with his deep and trippy house music.Have a good weekend whatever you all do heres a little taster of what I'm in for on sat night. I cant wait.

Petre Inspirescu - Tips "La Creme Bonjour" - [Cadenza]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mixed circuits

Imeem playlists seems apprieciated, so here we go. Techno, hiphop and misc electronicz. All in one. Starts out with some electro-house then quickly out on a techno excursion followed by a sweet transition into hiphop land, and finally rounding it off with softer electronic rhythms.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Words

M.Craft -Dragonfly.

It Doesn't Matter (part 6)

100+ votes and counting, there's still a lot of time until the poll closes so be sure to make your voice heard. As it looks now I'm probably not going to change my music posting direction radically, even though there seems to be a lot of demand for minimal techno from you. I think we got it covered decently.
Thanks for voting, everybody!

Funckarma meets Landau! What an interesting match-up. I recently got to hear Landau's second full length "Janus Plays Telephone" which was a big leap away from their debut sound (Thepicompromise) that I liked so much. Janus Plays.. is jazzier, less electronic and skillfully executed, yet I haven't fallen for it so far. Funckarma, the Funcken brothers, are still heavily tangled up in the protons and neutrons though. Together their sound meshes into a strange but pleasant story. Haunting melodies with dense percussion programming. I have been catching up on the n5MD imprint lately, and they got an awesome catalogue.

Multiplex - Momensch [Human shield, 2006] (d/l)
Electro tinged flava courtesy of the Multiplex duo (Christian Dormon, Roland Dormon). A limited supply of this release, only 538 copies. So if you can't get a hold of it - here's the title track as a little treat. The EP consists of five wonderful pieces, all in the electro meets idm style. Android upbeat cuts.

JBH'S Essential RC,s Oct -Nov

Tracks to buy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Simplicity is the key here.

Nice track and an even better remix basically Mr Schwarz just makes the track more DJ friendly you could easily finish your set with it. A sweet piano leads the way, income sublime vocals a little percussion here and there a few symbol led drum parts and there you have it a thing of beauty.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Piano outlook

Abe Duque - Outlook
[Gigolo, 2007] (d/l)

Release: Outlook (12")

Vector Lovers - Piano dust
[Soma, 2007] (d/l)
Release: Afterglow (album)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Sounds of the underground

Dubstep now on RC.
With a few albums ready to drop including Bristol's very own DJ Pinch. Its his first long player and has had alot of hype surrounding the release "Underwater dancehall" will be released on his own label Tectonic

Anonymous recloose Burial is back with his second album ready to go "Untrue" will be in shops from November and will be dropping on Hyperdub. Kode9's own label. Expect the same fantastic soundscapes. I heard the preview on the Mary Anne Hobbs show 17 track's mixed by Kode9 it was a special moment! If you haven't already listened go check out the listen again feature. She introduces it saying. " It could be music sent from another planet or from a star millions of miles away" i have to agree its next generation music. Burial one of the best and most unique artist's on the planet!

The box of dubs compilation has the second part upcoming Box Of Dub 2 will be available in November expect exclusive tracks from Skream! kode9 Digital Mystikz etc.
I recently purchased the new Dubstep Drama cd its the soundtrack to the channel 4 late night interactive "street drama" the music is full of phat Dubstep with exclusives from Skream! and Benga as well as new tracks from the likes of Shots and Footsie. Then there's a nice selection of classic tracks from Skream, Geeneus & Benga. Its available now on the Rinse label from the same people who do the radio shows. Its big not to be missed.
Be on the look out for this its not got an official release in fact its been rumoured never to come out at all Magnetic Man is two producers who want to stay anonymous. I hope it comes out as its Massive! -Magnetic man - Alright what happened ? Taken from N-Type's Huge Dubstep Allstars: Vol.05
Download - Pinch - Qawwali V.I.P

Download - Zinc - Flim - Skream Remix
Download - Shots - Arabian Nightmare

Friday mix mania

Two big mixes for you all to warm up to tonight. Both packed with excellent picks, carefully chosen with taste.

Solanum ITM
Mixed, Edited & Recorded October 10th 2007 at Studio AI. 65 minutes 320kbps MP3. All tracks are Solanum's own edits. Track listing:

  1. Minilouge - The Leopard (Extrawelt Mix)
  2. System 7 - Planet 7 (James Holden Mix)
  3. Boris Brejcha - Wellenreiter
  4. Minilouge - Orglar
  5. Dusty Kid - Psika
  6. Cristian Paduraru - From Emotion Comes Motion (Wally-M Rhythm Tool) - Marc Houle - (Techno Vocals Acapella)
  7. Petter - Dica Drive
  8. Marcin Czubala - Consigliere
  9. Winx - Don't Laugh (Richie Santana & Peter Bailey Remix)
  10. Guy Gerber - Every Passing Minute
  11. Britney Spears - Breathe On Me (James Holden Vocal Mix)
  12. Ricardo Tobar - El Sunset
  13. Ripperton & She DJ Masaya - I Love
  14. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Josh Wink Remix)
The second is from Jesus Hernandez. "I'm an ocassional disc-jockey, discoverer and collector of music that I may find interesting." Download it from zshare. Track listing:
  1. tocadisco - better begin (gui boratto remix)
  2. annie - heartbeat (the field remix)
  3. kabale und liebe - mumbling yeah
  4. pan-pot - charly
  5. hot chip and the chap - woop woop
  6. rogelio bailleres - love rehab (mushu 4am mix)
  7. ursula 1000 vs beat gate - daftboot
  8. tanner ross and kilowatts - kruger fingers
  9. jesse rose and rob mello - do ya wanna
  10. m.a.n.d.y. vs booka shade - o superman
  11. cirez d - horizons
  12. modeselektor ft thom yorke - the white flash
  13. boris brejcha - push
  14. lifelike - discomachine
  15. okain - jim raynor
  16. i:cube - prophetization (demo mix)
  17. olivier gregoire - sarma
  18. klanguage - happy feet (yuksek remix)
  19. midnight juggernauts - shadows
  20. error error - the end of the day
  21. feist - 1234 (van she technologic remix)
Enjoy and have a good weekend. I'm off to down south (Malmö) tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hilbert space

Joel Mull - Hilbert space [Audiomatique, 2007] (d/l)

Summer EP (Sunny Hills) from Mull that I missed. Mmm warm beams washes over me. Need warmth. Three solid tracks but without surprises.

Last dirtybird on the train

Weekend warm up!


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Ubu - Pixels (Guy Gerber's late check out remix) - [N/A]
Remixing a classic track is a difficult job. When done well it can be a great achievement, as this latest remix shows. Its by Guy Gerber he has put his hand to a well known track i wouldn't go so far to say it has classic status but its definitely had alot of coverage over the years. He's done the business on pixels by Ubu he turns out a monster of a remix it chugs along nicely taking in elements of progressive & deep house whilst adding his own special touch. It has flair and originality taking in references from Detroit and theirs also a certain minimal Esq vibe to it hidden away beneath all the snaky synths and prominent percussion its a really excellent remix im not sure when it will be out but i reckon its soon as its been getting big plays right across the board. Not one to let slip through the net!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Starting off slow with a deep growling bass like a Tiger stalking its prey,in the background there's twinkling as if the stars are looking down on you. In comes a nice melody with plenty of tension as you continue the journey. A few strange popping noises are heard in the distance as the track starts to build the growling gets more intense building and building until it eventually pounces on you. Your almost caught but manage to break free and start to run. That same haunting melody comes back, as you start running through the cold night air desperately trying to escape. What sound's like robotic monkeys laughing in the trees try and disorientate you as the growling slows down to a purr and the popping is less frequent will you escape or will you be hunted down!?

Analogue fuss

Two massive tracks for you in this post.

The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12
[Rephlex, 2007] (d/l)

More aphex than aphex (or is it aphex? gasp! yawn). I read something like that about The Tuss somewhere (probably a discogs comment). And I have to agree here. It's not just straight up copy-cating, this is original, true visionary style heavy fuck you up in the brain experimental analogue electronica. Fine grained magic dust thrown into the most obscure synthesizers and home made machines, and out pops these harmonies. Splendid in a grotesque fashion. Beautiful, scary and harsh, freaky and appealing all at the same time. Leave it to the rephlex posse to crank out something like this. Synthacon 9, Last rushup 10, Rushup I bank 12 (and Alspacka from the EP) are some of the most wicked shit I've heard in a looong time. Get your filthy hands on The Tuss' Rushup Edge album right away. It was released in June but fits this time of year better, for sure. Or why not try out the EP, Confederation Trough, from april this year?

Jean Jacques Perrey vs Luke Vibert - Analog generique [Lo, 2007] (d/l)
I know, it's almost getting silly. What can I say, I got a crush on Vibert at the moment. I mentioned a while ago how I was eager to hear this EP, in fact it is not an EP but a whole full-length album! Yay to that my friends. Jean Jacques Perrey then, who is that you might wonder (pfft). Well, he's a big name electronic music pioneer through and through (musique concrète), look him up on wikipedia for more information. To sum this up, Vibert and Perrey creates debonaire analogue experiments dipped in heavy amounts of acid. Funky, groovy, twisted ear candy in other words.

Don't forget to vote!

PS. Listen to Radiohead's Videotape, a track from their new cyber released album "In rainbows", it is stunning. Cheers to Bedford rockers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Solomun has become a favorite of mine since hearing the sweet house vibes of "Feurvogel" at the beginning of the summer. Since then he's had a few hits under his belt mainly on the excellent Diynamic Music label & of course not forgetting the summer smash Jungle River Cruise on liebe*detail

His sound is mainly house with both deep and minimal elements carefully folded in to the mixture. The result is fresh and exciting house music of the highest quality.

Here we have his latest Sambada E.P. which has dropped on Steve Bug's cool Hamburg offprint label Dessous Recordings. Its a two tracker of the highest caliber, Samba takes of slowly cool and calm like a summers breeze it floats along as if a balloon caught up in the wind. In comes some airy synth's and tribal drums nice percussion hits the ears so comforting & gentle, gliding along a little further. As the drums take up pace in comes some deep keys still keeping you on your toes your waiting to see what happens next as the track comes together bringing all the elements rolling in as one and making everything come alive.

Its not a peak time track but its definitely a big one.Lambada is just as good in the same style.Not one to be missed!

Music poll!


I just added a poll, asking you guys what kind of music you want us to focus on. It's in the right sidebar and will be open for a month so there's plenty of time. If you choose Other, please be a doll and specify what in the comments section in this post.

Happy voting.

Monday, October 15, 2007

G Digger Mix Set

Delish, new turntable-ized dj mix set from our much beloved Mr G Digger. Fifteen tracks, 118MB of pure groove. Tracklist:

  1. Ricky L - The Closing Track
  2. Tom Pooks - Trouble
  3. Ben Watt - Lone Cat
  4. DJ Dixon - Robert And Dornroosje
  5. DJ Yellow - Forever And Even More
  6. Einklang Freier Frequenzen - Sax O Phono
  7. Frank Roger - The Hook
  8. Deetron Feat DJ Bone - Life Soundhack
  9. Haruki Matsuo - Side Step Test
  10. Re-Jazz - The Way I Swing
  11. Parov Stelar - Kisskiss
  12. Music 4 Minds - Life
  13. Luna City Express - REM
  14. Manuel Tur - Portamento
  15. Clarisse Muvemba - Roses
Grab it and enjoy!


This is such a good release that all of you should own. I featured the original mix in myJBH'S October Essentials play list not knowing about the remix by Tom Clark Who takes it so much further adding extra depth almost sub minimal bass. Deep atmospherics fast clicks and clacks on top of sweet synth's and mend bending drums so much going on in this record it just keeps on surprising me. Every time i listen i hear something that i didn't hear previous, which makes me happy. It would be a highlight in any ones set i for one can't wait to play it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Your Chariot Awaits

This is one of my favorite tracks at the moment sounding so fresh and crisp.
Deep house meets minimal meets cool piano can you fail!?

Some of you UK readers will recognise the names maybe James Priestley especially if you live in London as he is one of the guys behind the excellent Secret Sundaze party's the other promoter dj/ music journalist being Giles Smith (Who also produces under theTwo Armadillos guise)

With Dan Berkson never far away usually on deck duty.The party's go off big time in the East end of London, and now they have branched out taking the essential party vibes to Ibiza and Barcelona. If you get the chance to party with its a must!

They showcase the best talent in the underground music scene everyone from Steve bug to Cobblestone jazz live.These party's are some of the most talked about, everyone wanting in on the action.

Its a quality house cut Deep and driving a really lovely workout deep keys and some tight percussion sets the way building up gradually, climaxing with a classic piano melody that will have the dance floor thinking there back on the terrace sipping vodka limon's in Ibiza. This is bound to put a little sunshine into the dark nights that lay ahead, quality through and through.


Saturday, October 13, 2007


Theres too much hip hop in our chart's why dont we support our own? UK GRIME is big in the underground scene, it needs a bit of a push fair enough. Kano, Dizzee etc went mainstream, but still not getting enough exposure as they deserve.

Channel U represent the Uk scene Channel u is a music channel on sky tv check it out. If you need proof of how talented these Mc grime artists are here it is the cream of the crop loads of exclusives on this playlists no SHIT.

I think alot of people can relate to what they are saying when they spit, as they talk about real life and not how many cars and how much bling they have round there neck. US hip hop is a big money marketing device no wonder that most of the uk artists think the USA Hip hop heads are pricks. I agree.
The uk do things for the people! take Roll Deep's Bad man track (directed by Jake Nava which london Trident (trident is a special police unit who focus on gun crime) paid for the video to be made, check the lyrics for some sense and reality in the video As many of you will realise theres alot more gun crime, in the Uk mainly on the streets of London be it North, South, East, or West. Mothers are losing sons wifes losing husbands brothers losing brothers.Lets stamp it out!

Another project some of the grime artists do is Dubplate drama its a interactive tv show (MTV base sunday's 10pm) where it gives you a dilemma each week you the viewer have to choose which path they take the right way or the wrong way, aswell as hitting you up with lots of grime and good jokes its a really good programe especially for all the youth who think its cool to run with a strap or a shank it shows you what will happen etc its no game as alot of people think. Its real life with real lives.

Back to the music, its packed full of the people you need to hear no wasteman MC just the big boys making big noise! and spitting about things you can relate too. sssssssshut ya mouth!

Download - Skepta Blood Sweat & Tears Ft JME


Dubstep mix SICK INA HEAD! the tunes are grim! ENJOY.

The bug ft flowdan - skeng - kode9 remix
N-type - Tred
Coki - Redeye
Coki - Bleep Bass
Pinch - Punisher - Skreams heavy duty remix
Luke Envoy - Gamma
Loefah - Sukkah
Loefah - Disco Rekkah
Skream - Bahl fwd
N-type - Hacksaw
DQ1- Gud money
Skream - 0800 Dub
Matty G - 50,000 watts - Loefah remix
Loefah - Ruffage
Casper - Rubber Chicken
Mrk1 - Slope
Skream -Warning - D1 remix
Mala - Lean Foward
Loefah -Goat Stare
Martin Buttrich - Well Done - Headhunter remix
D1- Greazy
Skream - Chest boxing
Skream -Stagger
Skream - Lose Control
Junior boys - Shadow - Kode9 remix
Massive music - find my way - Kode9 remix
Mala - Changes
The blackghosts - some way through - Skream & Plastician remix


Friday, October 12, 2007

Heart music

Dan le sac vs Scroobius pip - The beat that my heart skipped [Lex, 2007] (d/l)

Nice, feelgood, put-a-smile-on-yer-face hip-pop from Lex. Includes a Jel remix on the b-side. Frobalicious.

Yes, yes you're seeing it right, Mr Eric C to da apton. This tune immediately grabbed my attention in Andreas Kleerups Nike Running Mix (at riskybiz). It made my day in some weird way, haha. It's so catchy, most people don't listen to the lyrics, ahaha. "I got a problem, can you relate?".

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kids get high

Metric - On the sly [Last Gang, 2007] (d/l)

Indie pop of the finest calibre. Infectious chorus. This was made in 2001, but not released until June this year.

Junior Boys fixes the correct remix once again, always up there, never lets down.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Remember when we told you first about Âme remixing underworld's title album track Crocodile!?

Well wait no longer as its here and its one of the best remixes I've personally heard all year!

Âme take the track on an amazing 11 min journey through tight drums cool percussion twinkling keys and excellent use of the vocal, meandering through deep and jazzy riffs as the track continues to blow my mind AWESOME! I shit you not. They produced the track under there Innervisions guise but on the CD its under Âme forget the Pete Heller remix forget the Oliver Huntemann remix. This is the only one you need expect this to be played long into the coming months and beyond it really is a fantastic workout! You can purchase the vinyl here which goes under the "Innervisions Orchestra Remix"
Taken down by request.


Super Flu - Momratzn [Traum, 2007] (d/l)

Been a while since we've reported on Cologne minimalist camp Traum and their doings. Super Flu's track Momratzn evokes a pretty strong feeling of deja vu. I've heard this before in so many different ways, in so many different tracks, so many times before this. Do I think it sucks because of that? No. Not at all. I even like it, it gets to me. It's a well executed piece of standard minimal techno that Just Works. In fact it more that Just Works, it's great. Atleast if you haven't already gotten tired of this sound.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Mihalis Safras & Liberto - "Amen" - (Mark Broom Rmx) -[Material Series]

Quality techno coming out of Greece, starting of slow with a gradual bubbling sound and the occasional sniff and clatter in the background. As if the bubbling is about to reach its boiling point, boil over and spill on to the dance floor.
Its been worked together on top of some cool synth action eventually climaxing and exploding like an accident in a fireworks shop, in comes some bleepy action (think Alex Under) that kind of trippy bleeps and bass. Lots of noises in the background which accompany the track its a solid release and a fantastic remix from Mark Broom. The original is more of a minimal track and not as deep. Go check out the release!

Seldom felt

Unknown artist - Untitled [Seldom felt, 2007] (d/l)

Techno from mysterious label Seldom Felt. This is all about the music, rid of the producer hype* (Tagline seen in other places: "No minimal, no Ibiza, no sunrises, no ketamine, no Myspace, no repress"). Sounds extremely good, a little old schoolish, in a good sense of course. Here's the b-side, which I like much more than the A side. I can imagine how happy I'd be if I heard this out on a club. Wrecks shit. This is the first installment of what appears to become a series, Seldom Felt Vol 1. I overlooked this beauty, but right now I feel this is one of the best tracks of the year!
* But with the blog, press, others hype :-)

JBH'S October Essentials

Music to buy Oct 07

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sound of silver

Some thing's in life are certain, you will die, the sun will shine.Carl Craig never fails to deliver!Yes that's right you know you can rely on Mr Craig to do the business whatever he touches he turns it into gold take the latest one he has remixed LCD Soundsystem - "Sound Of Silver" under his C2 (4) guise and it doesn't disappoint adding his distinct Detroit flair he turns out a monster of a remix, the track builds so well creating tension leaving a good chunk of the vocals which works well. Every now and then theres a hint of thunder in the background as the drums and keys continue to play keeping in with the deep vocal and the repetitive 'Wawwaw' hypnotic sound. Make sure to look out for this one! I cant wait to hear this being played out MASSIVE!

Piece moog

Jean-Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert - Moog acid (plastician mix) [Lo recordings, 2007] (d/l)

Here we have IAD - Intelligent Acid Dubstep. Har, har I'm so clever playing with genre names. My wit has no boundaries. Anyway this is fiercely good music[tm], very my kind of cup. Luke Vibert is so hot right now I can hardly control myself. Heh. Can't wait to hear the whole EP.

Pure partay musicz courtesy of Freeform five and Ewan "the remixer" Pearson. Will make most anyone tap their feet and snap their fingers. Naughty vocals... So, yeah - dance, dance, Boris! Off the remix compilation "Piece work".

Sunday, October 07, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 5)

Cylob - Hidden [Cylob industries, 2007] (d/l)

Twinkling, cute, and groovy electronic tinkering from legend Cylob and his latest album "Bounds Green". Pretty melodies and smooth beats merged into a beautiful, dreamy symbiosis. Hidden is laid back and gentle sunday-electronica.

Múm - Marmalade fires [FatCat, 2007] (d/l)
Icelandic superstar folktronica duo (used to be quartet) has a brand new album out; "Go go smear the poison ivy". It's not ground breaking new or a wild turnabout in their sound. This is mum well within their comfort zone, doing what they do best. Quality folk music mixed with smattering electronics and sweet vocals.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

September mix

We're already well into October, but Christopher Owen sent this to us some time ago (thanks a bunch!). Mr Owen normally works with menswear that looks very cool. But this is not clothes, this is one hour and twenty minutes filled with house and techno, forming an incredible mix set that is truly dynamic. Ranging from the fun, bouncy, and dancy to harsh, sinister and straight up pounding. All with a good feel for rhythm and a knack for the technique.
My personal favourite section starts at around 42 minutes in and goes on to somewhere at the one hour mark. Be sure to grab this one.

Edit: And here's the track list.
  1. inverse cinematics - slow swing
  2. justin martin & sammy d - cats and dogs
  3. audio werner - flatfunk
  4. gummiHz - twisted
  5. john spring - lava lava
  6. justin martin - night owl
  7. samim - setupone
  8. paul hughes - raw (phonique remix)
  9. pan-pot - crank
  10. marc & oliver hain - laid back
  11. johannes heil - artology (destillat remix)
  12. wighnomy brothers - hankkofloppe
  13. alex smoke - prima materia (abort mix)
  14. mr. g - re-kidz
  15. thomas heckmann - kookaburra
  16. magda - 48hr crack in yr bass
  17. lcd soundsystem - get innocuous (soulwax mix)

Friday, October 05, 2007


Have a good one, if your in Leeds or close by come and say hello. I have details on the secret afterparty which will be following on straight after the main event with all the dj,s heading off to a disclosed location in leeds.Im excited! Konrad Black is one of my fave dj's. He will be playing alongside Pier Bucci & Patrick Chardronnet etc. If you can't make it, it will be going out live on Samurai Fm. Enjoy the Autumn sunshine this weekend.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Unsigned int

Another batch of high quality unsigned artists!

Raumlose is apparently two swedish fellas; C-J and David. They have mad talent, and showcases it with solid, solid and grumpy techno bits. Rorpost is a repetetive head-nodder with some extra percussive elements surfacing around its fringes. A minimal machine mechanic session to indulge in.

Busy face has indeed been busy! More zesty house from our blog colleague. And we are ever so happy for that. Cheers!

Olin is Thunderous Olympian's latest project which according to himself is "a new tech/deep house project. It's heavily influenced by the New York style deep house that has seen a revival lately sporting some midi piano and warm synths." And, yes, this delivers - certainly. Piano galore and an all-round cozy feeling. Funky fresh, and much love for those synthetic hand claps.

Edit: Good friends Outmen are going to play at local thursday hangout spot, Jazzhuset. Be sure to check em out if you're in Gothenburg.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Tiefschwarz - Original (carl craig remix) [Souvenir, 2007] (d/l)

Gritty and evil techno-manouvers from Tiefschwarz and man on the remix; Carl Craig. Not for the faint hearted! This is serious business, no one will be spared. A fierce battle between the monotonous rhythms and the sweetness (that hits at around 5min). Beware, freaks.

Monday, October 01, 2007

23 Seconds With Cobblestone Jazz

Cobblestone Jazz shouldn't need any introduction but for those of you who are not too familiar with them here's a quick rundown.

Cobblestone jazz are three Canadian musicians, Tyger Dhula, Mathew Jonson and Danuel Tate.

All of whom are either long time musicians or producers. They all bring something different to the table all unique in their own way. Most of you will Recognise Mathew Jonson from his earlier music be it from the funky riffs of "Return Of The Zombie Bikers" or the end of the night classic moment, "Marionette" to name but a few.
He is also the label boss of the ever consistent [Wagon Repair] label Which can boast about realising some of the best electronic music on the market today.

In the Cobblestone jazz setup each member has a ever important individual job to play.
Here's a brief rundown.
Jonson has teamed up with Danuel Tate this is where the jazz element comes into to play as a long term jazz musician, Tate is also the man behind the excellent keyboard's.
Tyger Dhula's input as a dj and long term producer of electronic music this is where the wonderful groove's come from. Mathew Jonson is where alot the ideas come from always pushing things forward and one step ahead with his next level input.Put them all together and you have the perfect recipe.

Its a fair bet that you will of heard, or own some of there fantastic work.
Be it the last years summer anthem "Dump Truck" which had dance floors going Synth crazy all summer, or the sounds of the epic "India In Me" alot of you will have been introduced to them by there latest ep' on Jonson's Wagon Repair. Particularly "Put The Lime In Da Coconut"or maybe the fantastic "W" which featured on this years [Cocoon Compilation G]

The trio are about to release there first artist's album Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds.
Which doesn't disappoint its a real breath of fresh air.
Starting off with the baron landscapes of "Waiting Room" which drags you into a desolate place but doesn't leave you there long, no sooner as your dragged in your spat back out, into the desert for a walk on the deep side with "Hired Touch" where the sunlight starts to come through adding little flecks of funk to the journey.
Then makeway for the ever excellent "Put the lime in da coconut" which slots perfectly into a set so tight, its been tried and tested all summer long and it really puts a floor in a good mood and great spirit.
Afterwards come away from the dancefloor once more & welcome some jazzy funk in "Slap The Back" Then its "Pbd" another fine track, followed by "23 Seconds" (One of my favorites) and is looking to be the first single release of the album, Fast paced ,bouncy and percussive, dare i say a bit of a bleepy affair.
The album also includes W, Peace Offering, Change Your Ape Suit, & Saturday Night. All the tracks on the album have a rightful place there. You get the picture its a fantastic album.

To top things off on the second cd there's a 40 min mix of them doing it all live, also both smash hits "Dump Truck" and "India In Me" in there full glory.

Cobblestone Jazz will be playing live, Along side the Mole, The at Technique & Asylum in Leeds on The 13th october. Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds will be available to buy from the 15th october 2007. For more info check
Download Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds
Download Cobblestone Jazz - Hired Touch

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