Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ricardo Villalobos - 'Violetta' - [N/A]

I know very little about this track apart from the fact that its by Ricardo Villalobos and its really good.Typical villalobos style quality drum track only this time he uses vocals & sublime vocals at the sort that send a shiver down your spine maybe Chilean? its a really nice little track. A few Dj's (Radio Slave) (Steve lawler) have charted this CDR recently so it might be coming out tbh i have no idea as i say i know very little about it.Its a really lovely track which you could quite easily end your set with.


Todd said...

Violetta refers to Violetta Parra, whom he presumably samples. Hope that helps a (tiny) bit.

JBH said...

Thanks for that i did wonder if it was a sample.