Saturday, October 13, 2007


Theres too much hip hop in our chart's why dont we support our own? UK GRIME is big in the underground scene, it needs a bit of a push fair enough. Kano, Dizzee etc went mainstream, but still not getting enough exposure as they deserve.

Channel U represent the Uk scene Channel u is a music channel on sky tv check it out. If you need proof of how talented these Mc grime artists are here it is the cream of the crop loads of exclusives on this playlists no SHIT.

I think alot of people can relate to what they are saying when they spit, as they talk about real life and not how many cars and how much bling they have round there neck. US hip hop is a big money marketing device no wonder that most of the uk artists think the USA Hip hop heads are pricks. I agree.
The uk do things for the people! take Roll Deep's Bad man track (directed by Jake Nava which london Trident (trident is a special police unit who focus on gun crime) paid for the video to be made, check the lyrics for some sense and reality in the video As many of you will realise theres alot more gun crime, in the Uk mainly on the streets of London be it North, South, East, or West. Mothers are losing sons wifes losing husbands brothers losing brothers.Lets stamp it out!

Another project some of the grime artists do is Dubplate drama its a interactive tv show (MTV base sunday's 10pm) where it gives you a dilemma each week you the viewer have to choose which path they take the right way or the wrong way, aswell as hitting you up with lots of grime and good jokes its a really good programe especially for all the youth who think its cool to run with a strap or a shank it shows you what will happen etc its no game as alot of people think. Its real life with real lives.

Back to the music, its packed full of the people you need to hear no wasteman MC just the big boys making big noise! and spitting about things you can relate too. sssssssshut ya mouth!

Download - Skepta Blood Sweat & Tears Ft JME


Scott said...

Props Joe for repping our own!*! I just can't stand the maority of big name US hip-hop, it certianly didn't used to be all the about the cash.

JBH said...

Yeah i know most of the us hip hop really grates on me where there rapping about how shite there lifes are whilst wearing enough bling to sink a ship jokers! luckily 1xta is repping our own and kiss fm and rinse fm on the underground scene so its not all bad if a few more people hear grime just from this post alone it will do that little bit more for the scene.