Sunday, October 14, 2007

Your Chariot Awaits

This is one of my favorite tracks at the moment sounding so fresh and crisp.
Deep house meets minimal meets cool piano can you fail!?

Some of you UK readers will recognise the names maybe James Priestley especially if you live in London as he is one of the guys behind the excellent Secret Sundaze party's the other promoter dj/ music journalist being Giles Smith (Who also produces under theTwo Armadillos guise)

With Dan Berkson never far away usually on deck duty.The party's go off big time in the East end of London, and now they have branched out taking the essential party vibes to Ibiza and Barcelona. If you get the chance to party with its a must!

They showcase the best talent in the underground music scene everyone from Steve bug to Cobblestone jazz live.These party's are some of the most talked about, everyone wanting in on the action.

Its a quality house cut Deep and driving a really lovely workout deep keys and some tight percussion sets the way building up gradually, climaxing with a classic piano melody that will have the dance floor thinking there back on the terrace sipping vodka limon's in Ibiza. This is bound to put a little sunshine into the dark nights that lay ahead, quality through and through.


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matt said...

Such a nice, nice track. Thanks for the heads up.