Monday, October 08, 2007

Piece moog

Jean-Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert - Moog acid (plastician mix) [Lo recordings, 2007] (d/l)

Here we have IAD - Intelligent Acid Dubstep. Har, har I'm so clever playing with genre names. My wit has no boundaries. Anyway this is fiercely good music[tm], very my kind of cup. Luke Vibert is so hot right now I can hardly control myself. Heh. Can't wait to hear the whole EP.

Pure partay musicz courtesy of Freeform five and Ewan "the remixer" Pearson. Will make most anyone tap their feet and snap their fingers. Naughty vocals... So, yeah - dance, dance, Boris! Off the remix compilation "Piece work".

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Anonymous said...

You should post more Dubstep!