Monday, October 01, 2007

23 Seconds With Cobblestone Jazz

Cobblestone Jazz shouldn't need any introduction but for those of you who are not too familiar with them here's a quick rundown.

Cobblestone jazz are three Canadian musicians, Tyger Dhula, Mathew Jonson and Danuel Tate.

All of whom are either long time musicians or producers. They all bring something different to the table all unique in their own way. Most of you will Recognise Mathew Jonson from his earlier music be it from the funky riffs of "Return Of The Zombie Bikers" or the end of the night classic moment, "Marionette" to name but a few.
He is also the label boss of the ever consistent [Wagon Repair] label Which can boast about realising some of the best electronic music on the market today.

In the Cobblestone jazz setup each member has a ever important individual job to play.
Here's a brief rundown.
Jonson has teamed up with Danuel Tate this is where the jazz element comes into to play as a long term jazz musician, Tate is also the man behind the excellent keyboard's.
Tyger Dhula's input as a dj and long term producer of electronic music this is where the wonderful groove's come from. Mathew Jonson is where alot the ideas come from always pushing things forward and one step ahead with his next level input.Put them all together and you have the perfect recipe.

Its a fair bet that you will of heard, or own some of there fantastic work.
Be it the last years summer anthem "Dump Truck" which had dance floors going Synth crazy all summer, or the sounds of the epic "India In Me" alot of you will have been introduced to them by there latest ep' on Jonson's Wagon Repair. Particularly "Put The Lime In Da Coconut"or maybe the fantastic "W" which featured on this years [Cocoon Compilation G]

The trio are about to release there first artist's album Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds.
Which doesn't disappoint its a real breath of fresh air.
Starting off with the baron landscapes of "Waiting Room" which drags you into a desolate place but doesn't leave you there long, no sooner as your dragged in your spat back out, into the desert for a walk on the deep side with "Hired Touch" where the sunlight starts to come through adding little flecks of funk to the journey.
Then makeway for the ever excellent "Put the lime in da coconut" which slots perfectly into a set so tight, its been tried and tested all summer long and it really puts a floor in a good mood and great spirit.
Afterwards come away from the dancefloor once more & welcome some jazzy funk in "Slap The Back" Then its "Pbd" another fine track, followed by "23 Seconds" (One of my favorites) and is looking to be the first single release of the album, Fast paced ,bouncy and percussive, dare i say a bit of a bleepy affair.
The album also includes W, Peace Offering, Change Your Ape Suit, & Saturday Night. All the tracks on the album have a rightful place there. You get the picture its a fantastic album.

To top things off on the second cd there's a 40 min mix of them doing it all live, also both smash hits "Dump Truck" and "India In Me" in there full glory.

Cobblestone Jazz will be playing live, Along side the Mole, The at Technique & Asylum in Leeds on The 13th october. Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds will be available to buy from the 15th october 2007. For more info check
Download Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds
Download Cobblestone Jazz - Hired Touch

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