Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Starting off slow with a deep growling bass like a Tiger stalking its prey,in the background there's twinkling as if the stars are looking down on you. In comes a nice melody with plenty of tension as you continue the journey. A few strange popping noises are heard in the distance as the track starts to build the growling gets more intense building and building until it eventually pounces on you. Your almost caught but manage to break free and start to run. That same haunting melody comes back, as you start running through the cold night air desperately trying to escape. What sound's like robotic monkeys laughing in the trees try and disorientate you as the growling slows down to a purr and the popping is less frequent will you escape or will you be hunted down!?


Todd Edward said...

utter complete absolute bomb!

Steve said...

I need to hear this a few more times before I make my call on this one. A bit sad it's available on blogs before I get the copy I'm supposed to write on for RA.

JBH said...

Dont really know what to say i posted it because its NOW its quality and its essential.
Electronic Music moves at such a fast pace blink and you miss it.

I constantly get emails from readers saying that if they hadnt heard the music posted on here then they wouldnt of heard it at all.

At the best of times RA is slow at getting reviews out.
Waiting for them isnt very reliable

Im sure your review will be on the money and you can tempt all those over at RA to purchase the release if they already havent.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh poor you Steve!!

(He's not the first person to review the track) My heart bleeds for you.Selfish twat.

The track is taken from Sven Vath's New Cocoon CD anyhow.

I suppose you're going to tell Sven off arent you?

The electonic music world certainly doesn't revolve around RA or your blog either. With your current rate of picking up 'new' music we would be reading the review next Feb probably.

JBH - Great post and an absolute huge track.

Good work.

Harold said...

"Your almost caught but manage to break free and start to run"

How do you come up with these phrases :P

another one to listen to then

skypher said...

this is draamaaaaa!

skypher said...

seriously though, flaming steve is totally uncalled for. LWE rocks!

Scott said...

Yeah! Easy does it people! No need to start calling people names!*! I don't believe Steve meant anything by his comment!*!

Anyway as soon as copies hit Phonica one will definately find its way into my life!*! Massive track, loving it!*!

Steve said...

Thanks for sticking up for me, fellas. My statement wasn't "wah wah, life's rough" so much as "gosh, I wish RA would keep up."

But since the commenter didn't bother to even leave their name, I guess I can't be bothered to care more than that.

Good review, Joe!