Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 6)

100+ votes and counting, there's still a lot of time until the poll closes so be sure to make your voice heard. As it looks now I'm probably not going to change my music posting direction radically, even though there seems to be a lot of demand for minimal techno from you. I think we got it covered decently.
Thanks for voting, everybody!

Funckarma meets Landau! What an interesting match-up. I recently got to hear Landau's second full length "Janus Plays Telephone" which was a big leap away from their debut sound (Thepicompromise) that I liked so much. Janus Plays.. is jazzier, less electronic and skillfully executed, yet I haven't fallen for it so far. Funckarma, the Funcken brothers, are still heavily tangled up in the protons and neutrons though. Together their sound meshes into a strange but pleasant story. Haunting melodies with dense percussion programming. I have been catching up on the n5MD imprint lately, and they got an awesome catalogue.

Multiplex - Momensch [Human shield, 2006] (d/l)
Electro tinged flava courtesy of the Multiplex duo (Christian Dormon, Roland Dormon). A limited supply of this release, only 538 copies. So if you can't get a hold of it - here's the title track as a little treat. The EP consists of five wonderful pieces, all in the electro meets idm style. Android upbeat cuts.

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JBH said...

Landau vs Funckarma!
This is excellent has a burial feel to it loving the soundscapes reminds me of cold nights walking in the rain one for the ipod i reckon.