Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Mihalis Safras & Liberto - "Amen" - (Mark Broom Rmx) -[Material Series]

Quality techno coming out of Greece, starting of slow with a gradual bubbling sound and the occasional sniff and clatter in the background. As if the bubbling is about to reach its boiling point, boil over and spill on to the dance floor.
Its been worked together on top of some cool synth action eventually climaxing and exploding like an accident in a fireworks shop, in comes some bleepy action (think Alex Under) that kind of trippy bleeps and bass. Lots of noises in the background which accompany the track its a solid release and a fantastic remix from Mark Broom. The original is more of a minimal track and not as deep. Go check out the release!


Scott said...

You should also check out his recent track 'Titleless' on Perc Trax, cause it's got an awesome Wild-Pitch-esque acid workout from Ripperton!*! Quality gear!*!

JBH said...

Good tip that had a listen and liked it and the original