Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Halloween

So its Halloween once again the streets will be littered with kids in home made costumes and others armed to the teeth with eggs and flour.Whilst all this is going on i will be doing a ghost walk with the paranormal society. Then off for a cheeky pint or three! Should be good see what happens if anything!? Its getting to that stage that Halloween is becoming like Christmas! Mainly due to the fact that we followed the Americans which brings us where we are today.Basicly its just another gimmick a selling opportunity, call me morbid but its just the way it is. Anyway on with the tunes in typical RC style no cheese or commercial tunes for your Halloween. Have a good time whatever you do.

Digital Mystikz - 'Haunted' - [Dmz]

The Horrorist - 'One Night in NYC' - (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)


GORDO! said...

very fitting for halloween!
my life at uni right now

Scott said...

The Villalobos mix is quality, although I couldn't listen to the original anymore although I was a massive fan of it back in the day!*!
Also check out the new Shit Robot and Holy Ghost tracks that have just dropped on DFA, they are so good it hurts!*!

Quirky said...

yeah i concur with that. the two new DFA releases are the shit. i charted them over at Resident Advisor, check it out @

JBH said...

Cheers lads im on it now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice song, peado.