Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Analogue fuss

Two massive tracks for you in this post.

The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12
[Rephlex, 2007] (d/l)

More aphex than aphex (or is it aphex? gasp! yawn). I read something like that about The Tuss somewhere (probably a discogs comment). And I have to agree here. It's not just straight up copy-cating, this is original, true visionary style heavy fuck you up in the brain experimental analogue electronica. Fine grained magic dust thrown into the most obscure synthesizers and home made machines, and out pops these harmonies. Splendid in a grotesque fashion. Beautiful, scary and harsh, freaky and appealing all at the same time. Leave it to the rephlex posse to crank out something like this. Synthacon 9, Last rushup 10, Rushup I bank 12 (and Alspacka from the EP) are some of the most wicked shit I've heard in a looong time. Get your filthy hands on The Tuss' Rushup Edge album right away. It was released in June but fits this time of year better, for sure. Or why not try out the EP, Confederation Trough, from april this year?

Jean Jacques Perrey vs Luke Vibert - Analog generique [Lo, 2007] (d/l)
I know, it's almost getting silly. What can I say, I got a crush on Vibert at the moment. I mentioned a while ago how I was eager to hear this EP, in fact it is not an EP but a whole full-length album! Yay to that my friends. Jean Jacques Perrey then, who is that you might wonder (pfft). Well, he's a big name electronic music pioneer through and through (musique concrète), look him up on wikipedia for more information. To sum this up, Vibert and Perrey creates debonaire analogue experiments dipped in heavy amounts of acid. Funky, groovy, twisted ear candy in other words.

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PS. Listen to Radiohead's Videotape, a track from their new cyber released album "In rainbows", it is stunning. Cheers to Bedford rockers.


JBH said...

Yes dont FORGET TO VOTE! great idea mate !

JBH said...

Nice tracks, ive got a quirky aphex track to post a bit of fun at the same time :P

XMP said...
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XMP said...

ditto on the vibert man-crush. although i'd have to throw in another crush at the moment: ceephax acid.