Thursday, October 18, 2007


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Ubu - Pixels (Guy Gerber's late check out remix) - [N/A]
Remixing a classic track is a difficult job. When done well it can be a great achievement, as this latest remix shows. Its by Guy Gerber he has put his hand to a well known track i wouldn't go so far to say it has classic status but its definitely had alot of coverage over the years. He's done the business on pixels by Ubu he turns out a monster of a remix it chugs along nicely taking in elements of progressive & deep house whilst adding his own special touch. It has flair and originality taking in references from Detroit and theirs also a certain minimal Esq vibe to it hidden away beneath all the snaky synths and prominent percussion its a really excellent remix im not sure when it will be out but i reckon its soon as its been getting big plays right across the board. Not one to let slip through the net!

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