Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Sounds of the underground

Dubstep now on RC.
With a few albums ready to drop including Bristol's very own DJ Pinch. Its his first long player and has had alot of hype surrounding the release "Underwater dancehall" will be released on his own label Tectonic

Anonymous recloose Burial is back with his second album ready to go "Untrue" will be in shops from November and will be dropping on Hyperdub. Kode9's own label. Expect the same fantastic soundscapes. I heard the preview on the Mary Anne Hobbs show 17 track's mixed by Kode9 it was a special moment! If you haven't already listened go check out the listen again feature. She introduces it saying. " It could be music sent from another planet or from a star millions of miles away" i have to agree its next generation music. Burial one of the best and most unique artist's on the planet!

The box of dubs compilation has the second part upcoming Box Of Dub 2 will be available in November expect exclusive tracks from Skream! kode9 Digital Mystikz etc.
I recently purchased the new Dubstep Drama cd its the soundtrack to the channel 4 late night interactive "street drama" the music is full of phat Dubstep with exclusives from Skream! and Benga as well as new tracks from the likes of Shots and Footsie. Then there's a nice selection of classic tracks from Skream, Geeneus & Benga. Its available now on the Rinse label from the same people who do the radio shows. Its big not to be missed.
Be on the look out for this its not got an official release in fact its been rumoured never to come out at all Magnetic Man is two producers who want to stay anonymous. I hope it comes out as its Massive! -Magnetic man - Alright what happened ? Taken from N-Type's Huge Dubstep Allstars: Vol.05
Download - Pinch - Qawwali V.I.P

Download - Zinc - Flim - Skream Remix
Download - Shots - Arabian Nightmare

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