Thursday, October 04, 2007

Unsigned int

Another batch of high quality unsigned artists!

Raumlose is apparently two swedish fellas; C-J and David. They have mad talent, and showcases it with solid, solid and grumpy techno bits. Rorpost is a repetetive head-nodder with some extra percussive elements surfacing around its fringes. A minimal machine mechanic session to indulge in.

Busy face has indeed been busy! More zesty house from our blog colleague. And we are ever so happy for that. Cheers!

Olin is Thunderous Olympian's latest project which according to himself is "a new tech/deep house project. It's heavily influenced by the New York style deep house that has seen a revival lately sporting some midi piano and warm synths." And, yes, this delivers - certainly. Piano galore and an all-round cozy feeling. Funky fresh, and much love for those synthetic hand claps.

Edit: Good friends Outmen are going to play at local thursday hangout spot, Jazzhuset. Be sure to check em out if you're in Gothenburg.

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JBH said...

Quality through n through in this post keep the tracks coming lads