Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Remember when we told you first about Âme remixing underworld's title album track Crocodile!?

Well wait no longer as its here and its one of the best remixes I've personally heard all year!

Âme take the track on an amazing 11 min journey through tight drums cool percussion twinkling keys and excellent use of the vocal, meandering through deep and jazzy riffs as the track continues to blow my mind AWESOME! I shit you not. They produced the track under there Innervisions guise but on the CD its under Âme forget the Pete Heller remix forget the Oliver Huntemann remix. This is the only one you need expect this to be played long into the coming months and beyond it really is a fantastic workout! You can purchase the vinyl here which goes under the "Innervisions Orchestra Remix"
Taken down by request.


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Nice one!


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Can anybody upload it??

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Scott said...

Guys, I'm not sure posting a link on Joe's blog after he's taken his link down it's a particularly good idea!*! We all advertise the fact that we will remove links at record labels request, an dif you guys post links outside that then the whole thing breaks down!*! Maybe I'm being overly dramatic about this, who knows!*!