Saturday, September 15, 2007

JBH'S Random Weekend Mix

Some nice tracks which are doing it for me aswell as lots of new music. including (Digitaline) with a remix coming from (Luciano) on [Cadenza] a new track of (Petre Inspirescu) new ep' "Tips"also on [Cadenza] aswell as (Pan Pot) (Justin Martin) (Modeselektor) (Pier Bucci) (Jona) (Raudive) & more.The mixing could have been tighter, i had alot of enjoyment in making it & i hope you will get the same from listening. Enjoy ;-)
1. Kabale Und Liebe Feat Daniel Sanchez - "Mumbling Yeah" - [Cdr]
2. Petre Inspirescu -"Racakadoom" - [Cadenza]
3. Pier Bucci - "Chiloe" - [Crosstown Rebels]
4. Digitaline - "Honolulu" - (Luciano's Lilinokalani Remix) - [Cadenza]
5. Laurine Frost - "Amfora" - [Perspectiv]
6. Soul Capsule - "Waiting For A Way" -[Perlon]
7. Pan - Pot - "Crank" - [Mobilee]
8. Matt O' Brien - "On The Brink" - [Off Key Industries]
9. Jona & Nutown projekt - "Ashes & Dust" -[Resopal]
10. Justin Martin - "Nightowl" - [Buzzin Fly]
11. Andreas Jornvil -"Bitch Fuck" - [Cdr]
12. Modeselektor - "The Dark Side Of The Sun Featuring Puppetmastaz" - (2000 & One Remix) - [Bpitch Control]
13. False - "Face The Rain" - [M_nus]
14. Pan - Pot - "Apocalyptic Horsemen" - [Mobilee]
15. Raudive - "Needles" - (Steve Bug Remix) - [Poker Flat]


l'extrémité said...

Quality track slection, I'll dwnld and give it a listen this evevning after I've smoked a bit, hehehe, to get deeper into the groove, u know, cheers M8!!

skypher said...

jbh, this is good shit. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to burn it on cd and might present it to that kultuurhuis if you like, they might want you playing there :P

great stuff

JBH said...

Great stuff sounds good to me mate cheers. Let me know if it fits on disc it may be a bit long by a few mins i can tweak it no problem.