Sunday, September 09, 2007

It doesn't matter (part brown)

I'm changing the format of my blog posts a bit. The big, bold and obvious link will point to the release in some webshop for easier purchase. Then after that I will list label and year in square brackets as per usual and finally after that, in parenthesis a small download, myspace or stream link. This is a step to try and get away from the mp3 craze and towards focusing on providing information about good music. Of course I'll still link files, but perhaps not as frequent (and definetly not of tracks on some labels).

Cepia - Brown [Ghostly international, 2007] (d/l)
Starting out very autechresque. It soon pushes out of the dense box of smattering clicks and punches to put in some much wanted and extremely satisfying melody and atmosphere to the track. I first heard Cepia when he did a nice remix of a Lusine track. Ease back relax, and let the music wash the reality away.

Tycho - A circular reeducation (dusty brown remix) [Merck, 2006] (d/l)

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