Saturday, January 21, 2006


Yet another trailer for a cool film I want to see, Next: A primer on urban painting.

Basteroid - Automatique
Bought the 12" this is on, on a whim, cheap after having heard one basteroid track. Freaky, and around 3:45 it even gets catchy.

Dave Clarke - Thunder
Ooh, what have we here? Could it possibly be some straight up thomping bone crushing techno? Indeed.

Steve Lawler - Out at night (Nathan Fake remix)
Bleepy. Lawlz.

I was planning on recording, converting, uploading and link some [a]pendics.shuffle stuff as well, but.. uh. Maybe for another post..


ohmygoshparty said...

dave clarke äger, tack

skypher said...

mm han är stygg, fan vad du har crankat ut posts det senaste förrästen (grymt!). :)