Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Just some tidbits of info regarding this blog.

  • Links pointing to music files are bold. This is for lazy people who don't want to read all the boring text.
  • Mp3/m4a links will stay active for about 7 - 14 days (yousendit = around 7, spread-it = around 14).
  • If you nag me enough I might re-upload a track or two.
  • Comments are greatly appreciated and a good way to tell me if something rocks or sucks.
  • If you want me to remove a link to a file for whatever reason I will happily comply if your argument is valid. Mail me.
  • The name, Random circuits, means nothing. I don't even fancy the name that much frankly and it's subject to change.
John Dahlbäck - Nothing Is For Real (Mark Knight Remix)
[2005, Toolroom trax] (

ECB & DJ Heather - Picture of you (original take)
[2005, Blackcherry recordings] (

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