Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We can make it all come true

I've been catching up on Merck's last releases, what a label. So much quality but too short life span! 40 Winks - Sound Puzzle and Deceptikon - Greater Cascadia has been rotating heavily here at home and in my ipod the last couple of days.
40 Winks is pure mellow instrumental, crunchy, soothing hip-hop - quality beats. Deceptikon (a favorite since his Lost Subject 12") is also hiphopish but more to the electronic(a) side of things, ya'know think Machine drum, a bit of Blamstrain etc.

Deceptikon - Greater Cascadia Unified [Merck, 2007]
40 Winks - Egyptian Love Poems [Merck, 2007]

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