Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Old demoscene hero and man of many names Radix/Rymdlego/Sinespree/Mosaik (released on khavi, monotonik and merck) has a bunch of tracks I hadn't heard up on his site. Comfort, fragile electronica. Very well produced. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea in your livingroom. Of the newer stuff I like these two the most. Oh and remember this is all perfectly legit, free of charge stuff - yumm, much props to Mr Radix!

Mosaik - Clover
Mosaik - Pillow dance

However, my all time favorite Radix track has got to be the infectious 'Rymdlego' chiptune from 1998. Get yourself an .xm player (winamp might play this, I'm unsure) and put it on repeat. Money back if you don't like this adorable song. (Rymdlego = Space lego)

Radix - Rymdlego (Edit: M4a version of this track, converted by yours truly hehe)

Once upon a time I had quite the chiptune collection, snif, snif those were the days.

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