Monday, April 30, 2007

Acid Tonic

A flat slice of acid heaven now courtsey of wink aka Josh Wink the techno pioneer from philly who runs the excellent [Ovum] record label. Here we have a new (Ep) which has landed on the [Poker Flat] label which im sure your all aware of by now, Anyway this is the pick of the bunch for me, be sure to check the whole package out (Thick As Thieves Ep) not one to be slept on .

Wink - "Acid Tonic" - [Poker Flat]

Link removed by request!


Steve said...

When I was in college I had a band called Thick As Thieves. We were pretty awful, but it was fun.


JBH said...

Haha i was in a band in school but got kicked out for not coming up with any lyrics... like it was easy they must have thought so.

i do like the name thick as thieves it stands out