Friday, July 27, 2007

Mate tron

Since it's friday afternoon and all, I figured we need some more music. That and a wall of text for ya. Can you count the number of times the word "acid" occurs?

Luke Vibert - Mate tron [Planet mu, 2007] (buy)
Oh yessss. You all know how weak I am for the acid and the analogue goodness. Here's one of the masters twiddling my/the knobs with 4 tracks of heavenly, warm squeakiness. This time Vibert draws inspiration from Last Step, Analord, Ceephax, but is focusing even more on melody and of course adding his own, less spastic, midas touch to things. Meatabix (third track) is all freaky acid play after its introduction, locking in the genius 303 grooves. The title track, Mate tron, my favorite even though not by far (all tracks are love), switches things up a bit with some different modes - always with a clear red thread marking the melodic and quite laidback path though. Carefully placed voice samples complements, like a glove. Asheed is the second track and continues in line with Mate tron along the more mellow side of things, but still the bubbling acid makes its presence clear. Closing the EP is Salacid, lowering the tempo further and lets Luke's precious melody workings hit us with full force - absolutely beautiful, acid sex.
This EP gets 5 random circuits out of 5 possible! [ RC RC RC RC RC ]

Soon off from work! Ughhn.

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