Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ssshh! The Giant's Are Sleeping

Stickroth & Ercolino -"The Giant's Sleep" - (Ripperton Remix) - [Meeresteif]

This is a really great ep from two studio partners Daniella stickroth who you may remember from her track "Chest in the attic" which was released earlier this year. She's back with a brand spanking new 'ep' (About Giants & Dwarfs) on a label called [Meeresteif] where she is collaborating with studio partner Ercolino. Here we have a four track ep featuring remixes from (Sleeper thief) aka (Miss Jools) & (Ripperton) its a great 'ep' full of deep & techy house Ripperton goes deep where as Sleeper thief goes clicky on the (Dwarfs Revenge) What a great title! The originals are clicky with strummed out keys that gradually build. Ripperton's remix is my favorite slow deep and techy great ep and remix package.

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Steve said...

Damn, y'all, Random Circuits is on fire!