Tuesday, July 17, 2007

June vs July

Good morning. Remixing layout and design of the blog is going alright, of course adapting the thing to Blogger turned out to be a bit of a pain. We'll see how it turns out. Now for some music again.

Paul Ritch - Messene [Get Physical, 2007] (buy)
So fresh off the presses that you can smell the wax! Recently released on mega label Get Physical Music, Paul Ritch unloads two expert tracks;
June (A) and Messene (B). Both are swell, but Messene fits my mood better at the moment. Be a hero and pick this up from your record shop of choice.

1 comment:

JBH said...

paul ritch is on fire ive not had chance to listen to this yet but i know its going to be good his "Nordbanhof" ep is also great as is his "winter ep" Nordbanhof being the better imo

cheers im going to look u the other track on his ep sharpish anything ritch related is essential.