Monday, July 16, 2007

RC design, part 2

Preliminary sketch (click image for full size). Opinion? This is all html+css already, so now it's "just" a matter of making Blogger play nice and be able to integrate it.

Thank god for ColorBlender and Stripe Generator, invaluable tools for the stressed out webdesigner.


JBH said...

Its looking good, im sure it will look good, il mail you later about a few idea's concerning mixes etc.

JBH said...

You done all this from html codes etc ? good job i just clicked on the bigger picture, i like it alot has character and is unique wicked job mate.

skypher said...

glad ya like it jbh. yeah it's all manually coded basically. going to polish it a bit more before heading into battle with blogger. any suggestions are welcome of course!

cheers, i'll be looking for that mail.