Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Go With The Flow

Samim - "Heater" - [Promo]

This is such a great fun track from Samim which works so well i dont know what he sampled but it sounds so familar! sounds a bit like a harmonica? i can see people dancing round a fire out in the outback whilst wearing cowboy hats to this a proper family get together drinking dancing & lots of laughter its a summer anthem in the making. Sven vath has been rinsing it so much! He played it twice in the same night and used it to close on. Theres alot of hype around his album and particularly this record. Its out on (Get Physical) in mid july with his new album "Flow" not far behind being released in september.

Edit: Linked removed by request.


Curly said...

Check out my videos on Youtube at www.youtube.com/guillen05. Claude Vonstroke dropped his remix of this track at the party. This remix will also be coming out in September as well.

samim said...

the remix and the original will be out mid july 07. the album "flow" will be out in sept.07. i´m a big fan of mp3 weblogs, got my own video blog here: www.robidog.com. Still bit strange to find ones own production on this blog 2 weeks before its even released. x samim

JBH said...

I apologise for that,looking forward to the album and hearing you play @ back to basics this weekend.

thanks & sorry again.