Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Your Mind

Social Being Aka (Ricardo Villalobos & Jay Haze) - "Free Your Mind" - [Tuning Spork Extra]

Free your mind is the brainchild of two producers who are at the top of there game its a piece of deep funk that has a distinct 70's vibe about it maybe its the physchedelic guitar riffs that run through out, maybe its the (Shaft) like vocals that come in ontop of the piano riff. When im listening to this i get a vision in my head of a 70's disco where this is playing in the background. People in the club are wearing flares & shirts with big collars sipping on expensive cocktails. Its a match made in heaven from (Ricardo Villalobos) & (Jay Haze) who are back collaborating once again as its not the first time. They did a few tracks back in 2004 on [Contexterrior] nothing as exciting and fresh as this. Its real house music with a huge dollop of deep balearic funk. This would sound perfect for sunset in ibiza aswell as getting dropped in the early hours at Cocoon by Villalobos himself making it very versatile which is great for a dj's perspective. Bringing it out just at the right time as the ibiza summer season is in full swing, Any earlier would have been too soon as tracks tend to get rinsed and forgot about any later would have been too late they picked there moment and took it well. One of the records of the year? Yes! without a doubt sit back and take in this blissfull balearic beauty.

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