Sunday, July 08, 2007


Ruede Hagelstein - "Ghostdriver" -[Upon You]

This is so good! A drum track with a Villalobos esq way about it coming of a new label, set up by Marco Resmann aka phage [Upon You] listening to it through computer speakers dont really do much for it when its on a decent soundsystem you realise the power the track has, it keeps giving and building, full of bite & a tribal like bass from the drums, keeping your ears pricked for the full 8 mins. Keep an eye out for this label as they have some more upcoming releases on the way.

Im off to go see Cobblestone jazz live @ secret sundaze in a hour i cant wait im like a school kid in a sweet shop, after working at wimbledon most of the week i decided not to work the mens final and also the final day of the competition, instead im off into london to canvas for some excellent live electronic music in this wonderfull sunshine, enjoy the rest of your sunday whatever you may be doing.

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