Thursday, July 12, 2007


Pikaya - "jedi" - [Cadenza]

Pikaya have a nack of bringing out minimal fueled funk with rhythm & melodie take"Grüne Raufaser" a favorite of mine from last year. Well there back with a 2 sided 'ep' both of which have layers upon layers of melodies real "Minimal funk"i like to call it especially Jedi. Two track's that would only sound right being released on cadenza if you get me, it just has that cadenza sound slightly minimal with refrences from both Germany & Chile all put into the pot & mixed together producing the finest flavour. Jedi is more deeper than "Fango" both excellent tracks which deserve your attention expect to hear these tracks on a sun soaked day in DC10.Cadenza hitting us with another essential ep in (Kambrium)


Steve said...

Sheesh, this whole Pikaya release is fire.

JBH said...

Totally i think it could be ep of the month thus far.