Thursday, July 19, 2007


Argy - "Malena" - (The unreleable virgin ep) - [Cocoon]

Nice new 'ep' from the greek man Argy hitting us up with a summer ep these tracks were made to be played out in the open air at the many festivals that are occuring over the summer. "Malena" what we have here is written about a girl that Argy knows or so i figure as he has a friend in his top spaces over on myspace called Malena the track is full of rhythmic grooves and layers of melodies making it a very pleasent track on the ears, with a big spacey atmospheric hook that eventually comes in making the track come alive. In the sense of for the dancefloor the a side is "unreleable virgin" which is more of a house track with funky /moody keys depends in which way you see it, all in all a nice two sided ep.

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Steve said...

The more I see the redesign the more I like it.