Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Loop De Mer

First things first, must say on what a excellent job skypher has done on the new look Random Circuits i know how annoying & tiresome it is battling with html codes theres been alot of hard work put into making it, now we can begin as we mean to continue.More of that later, in the meantime let the show continue! on with the music.

Anja Schneider - "Loop de mer" - (Original) - [Mobilee]

Deep sub bass suddenly hits your ears like a thunderstorm about to blow in the distance shortly followed by violent claps, faint rumbling and sharp consistant beeps theres a eerie whistling in the background causing tension, In comes a deep riff which sounds like your in a submarine 50,000 metres below sea level and going deeper. Bringing the track together, and all this just as the song builds. Getting more deeper and bass heavy as this 7 minute mind expansion takes its course its a real tool on the dancefloor a proper BOMB! i've heard it been played out twice now and each time it turned the dancefloor blue into a spacey trippy place like there was no gravity, everyone floating of the bass. Dim the lights shut the curtains hit the volume and go deep.

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