Friday, July 20, 2007

Free rush

Artist(s): Ilar & Hedvall
Track title: Rush hour rumble
On release: SONICULTURE 005
Release date: March, 2007
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Comment: Sustained damage dealing piece of audio, coming your way from Swedes Anders Ilar and his partner in crime Fredrik Hedvall. A song that keeps on evolving.
Artist(s): DJ T
Track title: Freemind (Dexter remix)
On release: 5 Years Get Physical
On label: Get Physical Music
Release date: June, 2007
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Comment: This has been out for a while now and most people have probably listened a good bit to it, but i's a very nice compilation. Deserves some more attention. Here's an excellent blend of T's and Dexter's different sounds. The end result is uplifting and smooth.

Just trying out a new format to post tracks in, this is obviously way more informative with tons of links. The downside is of course that it takes much longer to compose a post. So we'll see if I have the patience for this in the future or if it's a one-time thing only.


JBH said...

it looks neat & tidy & ive not seen it before on blogger which is good i just suppose it would take getting used to.

XMP said...

killer i'm syked i found your spot! i haven't seen this one before either... thanks

JBH said...

dj t track is real nice not heard that before.