Friday, July 13, 2007

Wink & Hear Him Scream

Radio Slave - "Screaming Hands" - (Josh Wink interpretation mix) - [Rekids]
Remember the evil sounds from earlier this year which was "Screaming Hands" by (Radio Slave) well those hands are screaming again thanks to (Josh Wink's) new remix available on [Rekids] its his own interpretation which starts of deep and techy with a faint air raid siren building up in the background getting more bass heavy as the track progresses taunting & teasing you until the evil air raid siren raises its head & eventually drops in only to be brought straight back out again, in come some acid like baselines, on top of harsh white noise. Spacey noises drop in and out as the track starts to destroy your head, this is a speaker freaker if ever i heard one i actually prefer this to the original. The king of philly doing what he does best.

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Scott said...

Immense! NOthing more to say really!*! Rekids is on fire!*! Label of the year so far? No doubt!*! CAn't wait for my copy to arrive in the post!*!