Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The 2007 Summer Hitlist

So far 2007 has been a great year for electronic music, & with the summer season just around the corner producers are knocking tracks out left right and centre with that in mind heres my top 10 predictions (in no certain order) on what we will be hearing this summer keep in mind that this is so far (as i rekon there are still alot of tracks to surface)

1.Black strobe - "I'm A Man" - (Audion Donator Mix) - [Cdr] -Deep house meets minimal techno in this awesome remix from Audion deep keys backed over a short spoken vocal getting louder as the mix goes on audions remix of I'm a man is a piece that will get big plays over the summer expect the likes of Villalobos Sven Vath etc to be dropping this & to cause giant tidal waves on dancefloors audions production gets more and more hypnotic and trippy as this 12 min epic continues to destroy not only your mind but it takes your brain with it, it has similar elements of his smash hit mouth to mouth from last year expect this to be just as big if not bigger.

2.Julian Jeweil -"Air Conditionne" -(Original) - [Skryptöm Records ] -To say i slept on this would be an understatement not all my fault though as i have seen no promotion for this track at all until now where it popped up on the solid sounds 2007 cd hidden beneath alot of badly produced electro house, This track sounds like a poor mans Ame track but in a good way imagine your trying to get somewhere or going somewhere this is the track you need its sort of a journey if you were good you could proberly close on this track if not you could find a way of fitting it in to your set expect to hear this alot over the summer.

3.Oliver Koletzki - "Dont Forget To Go Home" - [Stil Vor Talent] -Dancefloor bomb written all over this love the way it builds your not quite sure what you will be getting slowly the synths build a few warped out spacey noises over some harsh white noise then come in the groovey keys ontop of a repeatative minimal beat expect the DC10 faithfull to be dropping this.

4. Ink & Needle - "seven" - [Tattoo Recordings] When i first listened to this i was blown away forget the x factor this has the wow factor! an absolute outstanding piece of deep swirling techno /house /electro it uses elements from every genre you really dont know what your getting with this record expect the unexpected from the anonymous danish duo who are ink & needle.

5. Minilogue - "Inca" - [Wir] - i did not think Minilogue could surpase themselves and release another ep which would be better than there fantastic ep "Elephant parade /Bird song" which was released earlier this year on the [Wagon Repair] label but they have Inca is a outstanding piece, its deep progressive & minimal in places it just keeps giving keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting and wanting more as it builds by the looks of things deep and minimal with a house element thrown into the mix for good measure is where the sound of the summer is going.

6. Solomon & Stimming - "Feurvogel" -(Original) -[Diynamic Music] Theres been a lot of talk about this record some say its the "Rej" of 2007 i wouldnt go that far as rej is in a different league to everything out threre! its hard to explain what this sounds like without listening to it yourself, go out & buy it you will NOT be dissapointed a future summer hit!

7. Discemi - "Data Sapiens" - (Radio Slave Remix) -[Rekids] Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave has a nack of producing dark evil minimal remixes which are dancefloor friendly this latest one "Data Sapiens" by Discemi he has remixed is another wonderfull epic its that dark brooding 5 am sound with some hypnotic sinister keys that will be sure to turn the air blue.

8.Tracey Thorn - "Its All True" -(Martin Buttrich Remix) -[Cdr] If sex were music it would sound like this Tracey Thorns one of a kind vocal backed with a deep house track one of Buttrich's finest moment, one for the day time party i think has a good summer vibe running throughout best listened to just as the sun is setting with drink in hand.

9.Sebbo - "Beiruit Boogie" -[Liebe Detail] - Horns drums & whatever else he uses to cause maximum tension in the loudest abrupt way possible [Liebe Detail] label of the year so far every release is a keeper.

10. Shackleton - "Blood On My Hands" - (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix ) -[Skull Disco]-Deep dark and devestating .


Nandote said...

I think the same, "I`m a man" the hit of the summer!!!

Maximilian said...

i agree with your list... though i think "conspiracy of the moog" by freestyle man is lacking.

could someone send me a link for the black strobe "i'm a man' audion rmx. hate to "be a girl" about it.