Thursday, May 31, 2007

Williams, Kom and Dole

Good morning. This post gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside, a good start to the day.

Dole & Kom - The F.O [Elektro.Komfort, 2007] (buy)
One of my absolute favorite releases last year; 'Monster eats the pilot' (on Elektro.Komfort) was made by these guys. Naturally I was intrigued to hear what they were bringing next. Sure enough, on the same imprint they release yet another gem, 'What you want!'. Starts out with "The F.O", killing you directly with its freshness and catchy yet minimal rhythms. Schatz & (Lars) Wickinger presents their remix take on The F.O on the flip, alongside the title track.

Williams - The shivering (Pitch & Hold in camera remix) [Love triangle, 2006]
Don't know how this slipped me by to be honest, seems everyone has heard it except me haha. Williams with his warm electro-houseish sound succeeds once again. Winner with arena feeling.

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