Thursday, May 10, 2007

Electro dosage 42 (feat scape & dynarec)

Scape One - Cosmic Waves [Southern outpost, 2006]
The electro sound spreads its mechanical tentacles, here from down below - Australia - via Scape One and his '06 Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics EP. Monsieur Scape is safe in his sound. Top notch, precise production with all the elements you'd want in an electro joint. Put on your oxygen mask and travel to another planet in another galaxy (far, far away).

DynArec - Secret Tactics
[Vaporwave, 2007] (buy)
Dutch(?) constructor of finest electronic vibes, dynArec is back with a new EP: situated in and around dopplereffekt territory with slightly more danceable tunes. This is serious sub marine panzer radar business, aka Combat Elektro™. A wonderful release, "Lagomorph", that has two more superb songs; In your hand and the title track.

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