Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dusty kid

Presenting wunderkid Dusty, someone to watch and of course, more importantly, listen to.

Three slam dunks out of three releases on three different labels, so far. It's melodic, hypnotic and crisp electro-tech-house (hoho). Black reel and Milk shares the same deep touch, I Love Richie does not stray far from that winning concept but has a more driving motif. I'm certainly going to keep my eyes open for more from this producer.

Dusty Kid - Black reel
[Python, '06]
Dusty Kid - I Love Richie [Klingklong, '07] (buy)
Dusty Kid - Milk [Systematic, '07] (buy)

Enjoy these three, strong killer-cuts!


E-Heavy said...

you dudes are good. real good. check i linked yallses.

skypher said...

thanks, man! i have returned the favour, soulclap linked. good stuff.

JBH said...

Dusty kid one to watch .