Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mista Theychx

Lazy sunday evening post. Tomorrow it's the dreaded monday. Cheer up with some music.

Fuse - Theychx [Warp, 1993]
Richard Hawtin 1993 vs 2007. Far from the superstar dj he is today, far from the nose bleed techno. Fuse's album "Dimension intrusion" showcases Hawtin's early talent and wide arsenal of musical styles. Everything from the depraved and banging acid techno track "Substance abuse" to this beautiful and meditative ambient piece. Pure bliss on many levels. "What's wrong?", "For more enjoyment and greater efficiency", "Take four red capsules, in ten minutes take two more". Solid classic.

Tensnake - I say Mista [Mirau, 2007] (buy)
Ambient not your thing, not even when it's from Richie? Well then, here's more Tensnake and more Mirau for you. This is from his new EP "I say Mista". Good tech house for your pleasure.

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bauer said...

yeah, i've always loved the FUSE album. trainspot: the sample is from the film THX 1138, george lucas' first feature.