Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You Wonder Why They Call You Biaaaaaatch

Shystie - "Bitches better Recognise" - [cdr]

Grime time now on "RC" .......Haterz want war!?


Smith said...

I enjoy almost every post you guys do, so keep it up!

But, can you please stop using zshare, the download speed sucks there.

JBH said...

thanks smith we have to use z share if you think this is bad yousendit & megaupload are alot worse zshare keeps files forever aslong as someone downloads the file at least once every 15 days yousendit runs out in about 2 days very frustrating thanks for the kind words though

peace jbh.

Anonymous said...

you like banksy, dontcha?! :-)

JBH said...

banksy the man(especially when he is punking paris hilton haha) i been looking into buying some of his work for the house but it turns out each piece is over a grand each ..i think il just keep to the free pics of the net for the time being :P