Friday, May 18, 2007

Three From Me

i thought i would do a post where i would lay down 3 tracks at the end of each week that i think are going to do well , where to buy them etc 2 will be upfront and one will be a track that i feel didnt get alot of praise or needs bringing back see what you think anyway.

Rekorder 8 - [Rekorder 2007]

Three solid tracks in there latest release the first since 2006 rekorder make harsh sounding dark club friendly electro / techno Worth checking there earlier releases aswell .

Pantha Du Prince - "Butterfly Girl" - (Sten Version) - [Dial Records 2005]

Next is the bring it back post i reckon there may be a few of you who let this slip past you like a ship in the night its from back in 2005 but still sounds as fresh as it did then today its by (pantha du prince) the tracks called "butterfly girl" and the remix is by (Sten) which can be found on the [Dial Records] label its a hypnotic groovy minimal track that instantly makes your ears prick up.

Murat Tepeli - "Jaws" - [Ostgut Ton 2007]

Last but not least is a track on the [Ostgut ton label] called "Jaws" by an artist called (Murat Tepeli )nice deep minimal bass groover with rhythm, has a good appeal for all you tech house heads out there.

ALL can be found at
Have a good weekend everyone!


Thomas Warham said...

where are the links...? x

JBH said...

This is where i give you a reccomendation on what to buy and where. No links for these tracks mate,buy if you like them i would if i were you.